Temporal Innovations
Lightning swift, interactive video analysis
Navigate through terabytes of video data with ease
Fluidly explore forwards and backwards, from stop-frame to 1,000,000 times normal rate
Observe phenomena across time and space, behavior and place
Use diversely in training, research, presentations, and exhibits

Clients & Applications | Conferences, Presentations & Trade Shows

"The [FrameGlide software &] Spin Browser [dial]'s ease of use and unparalleled scrolling ability dramatically improved the quality of the doctors' live presentations on the exhibit floor."

Charles Read, Creative Director,
MJM Creative Services, Inc.
(in New York City, commenting on endoscopic video case study
presentations at DDW and ACG Gastroenterology Conferences)

FrameGlide system at medical conference
An FG|SB-based presentation
at the American College of Gastroenterology
annual conference.

The FG|SB system excels in lectures and demonstrations employing video whose content is best suited to "exploration" rather than simple playback. Such videos are often of procedures (e.g., medical), processes (e.g., construction), journeys (e.g., reconnaissance flyovers), and the like. With its simple, ultra-responsive user interface, the FG|SB environment allows you to focus on your audience, not the audio-visual system. Whether you are a conference speaker, university lecturer, or a trade show booth salesperson, the system will dramatically enhance the quality of your presentation.

Present vast amounts of content

If you have been challenged trying to present large amounts of content to audiences whose attention span and/or availability is short, we can help.

In contrast with conventional video presentation techniques, content lengths measured in hours function perfectly even in highly time-constrained environments such as trade shows. This is because both navigation and perusal occur at presenter/user controlled speed from stop frame to over 1,000,000 times normal rate, all the while preserving crystal clear imagery.

Thus locating and exploring content becomes virtually instant (and fun!) no matter what the length of the raw source.

Uniquely precise and fluid controls

Speakers and booth personnel can:

  • Move through video footage at dynamically changing rates, adjusting to the complexity of the presentation material and audience comprehension, rather than being forced to keep pace with a fixed, frequently inappropriate, rate.
  • Fluidly and instantly locate relevant sequences from within hours of video when responding to audience questions and areas of interest.
  • Seamlessly integrate video and slides with no interruption.

Show attendees themselves:

  • Can quickly find sections of relevance within long processes or large video catalogs of content.
  • Explore their area of interest in fine-grained detail.

Multi-screen, high fidelity imagery

Whether displaying in small or large format, one screen or multiple, the FG|SB system provides pristine image quality, replacing conventional video playback equipment.

A single properly configured PC can handle multiple independent (or synchronized) HD screens.

Unparalleled ease of use

Presenters typically need no more than a few seconds to become comfortable using the FG|SB system.

Show attendees similarly understand and enjoy the system after just a few moments of (unattended) hands-on experimentation.

Interactive installations

There are several contexts in which providing attendees direct access to the system can be of great benefit.

Within a trade show booth

  • Entertain and educate customers during particularly busy periods when salespeople are unavailable.
  • Provide attendees with an experience so engaging that they spontaneously bring colleagues over to your booth to "play".
  • "Attract" mode: After a certain period of user inactivity, the FG|SB system begins running automatically, presenting select video sequences, typically with uniquely engaging temporal evolution. In this autorun mode, the device functions both to display client information and to draw in new users. At the lightest touch of the dial, the FG|SB system returns to interactive mode - optionally giving the user control at the exact point in the video where they grabbed the dial.

Following a talk

Attendees may further explore either the presentation content, or other materials you choose to make available. The weighted stainless steel Spin Browser dial and precision bearings provide a physically engaging experience as users explore their area of interest, spinning forwards and backwards, freezing images that catch their eye, absorbing key information and messages.