Temporal Innovations
Lightning swift, interactive video analysis
Navigate through terabytes of video data with ease
Fluidly explore forwards and backwards, from stop-frame to 1,000,000 times normal rate
Observe phenomena across time and space, behavior and place
Use diversely in training, research, presentations, and exhibits

About Us
From TechnoFrolics to Temporal Innovations

I - TechnoFrolics

TechnoFrolics is the interactive exhibit and dancing science-artwork design studio founded by David Durlach in 1988. Since its inception, TechnoFrolics' interactive science exhibits, commercial attractions, and kinetic artworks have been exhibited throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, and Central America, in highly diverse contexts including science museums, aquariums & zoos, art galleries, trade shows, press events, and conferences on socially responsible uses of high-technology.

II - The FrameGlide | Spin Browser system

TechnoFrolics' FrameGlide software with Spin Browser™ dial video explorer (FG|SB) has proven of particularly wide application. Its diverse uses have already extended well beyond that of the public education and entertainment, including as medical education device within colonoscopy procedure suites and as presentation tool at GI medical conferences.

III - Temporal Innovations

Temporal Innovations is an offshoot of TechnoFrolics, created to further describe, develop, and apply the FG|SB system to professional, industrial, academic, and government markets.