Temporal Innovations
Lightning swift, interactive video analysis
Navigate through terabytes of video data with ease
Fluidly explore forwards and backwards, from stop-frame to 1,000,000 times normal rate
Observe phenomena across time and space, behavior and place
Use diversely in training, research, presentations, and exhibits

From 0 - 1000 FPS

The FrameGlide | Spin Browser system has long had the ability to capture and review content 100% in parallel, allowing liquid-smooth perusal concurrent with capture right up to the present moment.

However, technical limitations, particularly in connection with extended captures to disk, prevented offering such functionality with high speed cameras. No longer.

Software enhancements to the core FrameGlide environment, combined with advances in Solid State Drives (SSDs) and associated RAID arrays, now allow us to offer streaming data capture at up to 1,000 fps, in full parallel with fine-grained, fluid review. Users can explore high-speed captured data in real time without interrupting the incoming flow of video.

Capture durations in excess of 3 million frames are possible, which translates to over 45 minutes at 1000fps. Capture may be continuously looping head-overwriting-tail, or linear with auto stop when full.

Frame rates and resolutions tested include:

  • 1000 fps @ 1280x512
  • 700+ fps @ 1280x720 (720p HD)
  • 500 fps @ 1280x1024