Temporal Innovations
Lightning swift, interactive video analysis
Navigate through terabytes of video data with ease
Fluidly explore forwards and backwards, from stop-frame to 1,000,000 times normal rate
Observe phenomena across time and space, behavior and place
Use diversely in training, research, presentations, and exhibits

Clients & Applications | Medical

Current Connections

The FrameGlide | Spin Browser technology:

  • Has a five-year history as a powerful lecture tool at the DDW (Digestive Disease Week) and ACG (American College of Gastroenterology) GI annual conferences. At these meetings, the FG|SB allowed presenting doctors to fluidly and instantly locate relevant sequences from within lengthy endoscopic video when responding to audience questions. More information may be found here.
  • Dr. David Carr-Locke, an innovator in the GI field, has worked with us exploring the utility of capturing-with-parallel-review, video from a conventional endoscope in time-sychronized lock with output from a Cellvizio┬« (microscopic endoscopy) system.

Food for Thought

Given the success of the FG|SB technology within GI teaching contexts and museums, and its many obvious additional medical applications, we are enthusiastic to expand the technology's use. With the addition of real-time capture, the possibilities have become extremely exciting not only for medical education, but also as a quality of care enhancement during procedures themselves.

Below we outline some possibilities to stimulate your ideas in the areas of:

  • Education.
  • Marketing/promotion/outreach.
  • Increased quality and speed of endoscopic/surgical procedures due to dramatically enhanced viewing flexibility.


  • Go back during a colonoscopy to look at previously traversed intestinal footage. Of course the scope can physically be moved back, but the ability to traverse in video is infinitely quicker and less risky/discomforting to the patient. This ability can be of use to both the doctor performing the procedure, and medical students/interns/residents being taught.
  • See what has become obscured. Often, fluids (blood etc.) released from surgical procedures cloud the endoscopic/laparoscopic view. In this case, often the only practical way to see things clearly is to go back in time. In addition, there are treatments that require altering tissue, where being able to go back to view the state of the surgical field before the procedure began is highly beneficial. The FG|SB immediately addresses these issues.
  • Facilitate high-speed procedure review and allow second opinions, in order to enhance care, avoid costly mistakes, etc.
  • Accumulate a fluidly-perusable teaching library over time.
  • Use the FG|SB video explorer as an interactive tool for training doctors how to use endoscopes, stents, and other medical equipment.
  • Instantly review and examine doctor-patient interactions ("bedside manner") evidenced during the role-playing sessions (sometimes videoed already) that are often part of teaching sessions.
  • Use the FG|SB as a unique trade show attraction and educational/sales tool. The system is simultaneously:
  • Highly engaging.
  • Allows access to diverse content instantly.
  • Makes practical showing lengthy procedure videos in time-limited show settings.
  • Take with you, in touring form, a unique educational and marketing medium. Sent inexpensively around the country, the unit reaches busy doctors and medical students at times most convenient to them, offering great audience reach due to word-of-mouth sharing of the highly engaging Spin Browser Experience.

And More Information!

A whitepaper on the FG|SB system, geared primarily towards museum and aquarium exhibit developers, but including a section on its use as a medical education lecture tool, may be found here. Throughout the document are interspersed numerous client quotes.

And check out our CT scan flythrough exhibit (on TechnoFrolics' site) at the Boston Museum of Science's "Beyond the X-Ray" exhibit. (Just still images on the web - please request our free demo for a live interactive experience of this installation!)