Temporal Innovations
Lightning swift, interactive video analysis
Navigate through terabytes of video data with ease
Fluidly explore forwards and backwards, from stop-frame to 1,000,000 times normal rate
Observe phenomena across time and space, behavior and place
Use diversely in training, research, presentations, and exhibits

Explore Oceans of "Big Data"

We've been working for years with massive data sets, but didn't call them "Big Data". We added this page simply to catch up with current language.

So when you search on any of the following in Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc., you will (hopefully) find us: data mining, data fusion, big data, data visualization.

Our focus is exclusively on exploring video of natural and engineered phenomena; we don't assess online buying behavior, social network messaging patterns, or other similar Big Data applications.

Our tools provide lightning-quick interactive video frame filtering and sorting, followed by fluid interactive exploration from stop-frame to billions of times normal rate.